11-13/50 pictures of Danneel Ackles

└ Fired Up Preimer


Danneel Ackles fashion Part One


Their Wedding day’s


Behind the Scenes KRMA photoshoot


The Halens as sassy waitresses. 


AU Meme - Club Mischief


Any fond childhood memories?

Jensen: Many. There was a creek behind our house and I just remember – it’s funny because a lot of my friends are starting to have children, Jared included, so there’s a lot of conversation about how they want to raise their kids and seeing what other parents are doing. I think they’re called helicopter parents, always hovering over their kids and making sure they don’t hurt themselves? My parents would let me go down to the creek, trappin’ frogs, a mile down the road doin’ god knows what. They trusted me. And it was funny because they’d gone to Hawaii and brought home a conch. And that’s what my mother used to call me home. She literally stepped out from the door and BWAAA! It was like Batman – bwaaa – gotta go, guys!