jensenacklespl: about Baby Ackles Gift Foundraizer. 

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Supernatural star Jensen Ackles and wife One Tree Hill actress, Danneel Harris, are asking for donations to the amazing charity Hats Off For Cancer in lieu of sending baby gifts. With 78 days left fans of Jensen and Danneel have already raised over $20,000. Click here to donate in honor of Baby Ackes. Jensen expressed his wishes by stating:

Some of you have expressed interest in giving Danneel and I baby gifts for our little girl. We would ask instead that you donate to this wonderful charity. We are truly grateful for your support and generosity.

The couple married in Dallas, TX back in May of 2010. Jensen, 35, and Danneel, 34, met on the set of short film The Plight Of Clownana, and started dating around the time of filming Ten Inch Hero. Best friend and co-star Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve had their first baby, Thomas Colton, last March. They were both groomsmen in each other’s weddings in 2010 and no doubt their children will become fast friends on the Supernatural set. They are expecting their baby girl to arrive in June. With Thomas Colton only a year ahead of baby Ackles, who knows what the future could hold. Fans would love nothing more than to see a new Texas Padalecki/Ackles couple.

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The current standing of the Ackles’ Hats off to Cancer ^ ^ ^ 

We’ve amazingly raised $21,195 so far in 46 days. 

But there are still $28,805 more left to raise to reach to $50,000

And we only have 77 more days left

I’ve been making daily posts about Hats off to Cancer and a lot of you guys have been reblogging and it’s been great. What I’m going to ask you is that to keep it up and as I say in my every post: Even if you’re not able to donate, or you already have, please REBLOG this so others who can would be able to see this. 

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